‘The Darkhold Alpha’ #1 Promises Big Changes for Magic in the Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics next epic crossover will redefine the state of magic in the Marvel Universe, and the problems start with September’s The Darkhold Alpha #1 by Steve Orlando and Cian Tormey.

The story opens up when Doctor Doom unearths the Darkhold and brings back ancient sorcerer Chthon in search of his malevolent tome. No stranger to chaos and magic, Scarlet Witch recruits Iron Man, Black Bolt, the Wasp, Black Bolt, and Spider-Man to enter Chthon’s strange dimension and attempt to defeat him by reading from the dark book. The only minor problem is that it has the potential to drive them insane.

Orlando (who is coming off his first work for Marvel with the recent Curse of the Man-Thing series) is excited to “…open the Darkhold together. Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom are two of Marvel’s most intimidating icons! And I am so excited for you all to get on board with this journey that pushes Wanda to the limit, as five of Marvel’s biggest heroes must overcome the nightmares held by the Darkhold’s pages, to stand with Wanda against one of her oldest enemies.”

Like Curse of the Man-Thing, the series will be told across a series of one-shots, each focusing on a different member of the Darkhold crew. Look for the first chapter in your local comic shop on September 29 and check out the standard and variant covers by Greg Smallwood below.

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