Larry Hama Continues His Wolverine Run in ‘X-Men Legends’ #7 This September

Out of all of the writers who have tackled the small, feisty, and furry X-Man we know as Wolverine, no one has had a longer solo run on the popular character than Larry Hama.

For those enjoyed his nearly seven year run on the title (spanning from 1990 to 1997 of the first Wolverine series), they will be happy to hear that Hama will be returning to Wolverine and the era that he worked on for so many years in September’s X-Men Legends #7.

Hama will be joined by Billy Tan for a retro adventure in Japan, involving frequent side-kick Jubilee and frequent villains Lady Deathstrike and The Hand.

As with the previous arcs in X-Men Legends by Fabian Nicieza, Walter and Louise Simonson, and Peter David, Hama’s story will be set during his initial writing gig, but unlike the previous storylines for the classic series, it is not clear at this time if Hama and Tan’s story will take place in-between specific issues from the 90s (to maintain continuity, of course).

Look for Hama’s return on comic stands this September and check out the cover art by Tan that will take you back to the Grunge-era.

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