Peter David Returns to X-Factor in ‘X-Men Legends’ #5 This July

Peter David’s runs on X-Factor are some of the best (and longest) in mutant history and he is about to add even more to his original take on the team this July in X-Men Legends #5.

The new story arc (like the rest of the ones in the flashback anthology series) will take place in-continuity, with issue #5 sandwiched between X-Factor #75 and #76 from 1992.

David (joined by artist Todd Nauck) calls X-Factor “…old friends of mine, and I was delighted when Marvel gave me the opportunity to revisit them. I have to admit, I was a little concerned since so many years have passed. But the moment I started writing them it was like no time had gone by it all.”

David and Nauck’s arc involves a number of militant mutants, hostages, and a team comprised of Polaris, Wolfsbane, Havok, Strong Guy, Quicksilver, The Multiple Man, and Val Cooper. The team is faced with being blamed for the hostage crisis and there is also a mystery concerning the Latverian Embassy that needs to be examined.

Previous X-Men Legends arc have featured nostalgic tales by Fabian Nicieza and Brett Booth, as well as last month’s return of Louise Simonson and Walter Simonson to their version of the original X-Factor team.

Fans of David’s initial X-Factor run will also want to be on the lookout for August’s X-Factor Ominbus by Peter David Volume 1 (which arrives in comic shops on August 4).

X-Men Legends #5 will be available in finer comic shops everywhere on July 21 with two covers by Nauck (which you can check out below).

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