Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Does Some Ghastly Redecorating

Whenever “foolish mortals” decide to visit Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction, they may notice some subtle refurbishments and additions to the home of “999 happy haunts”.

The resident “ghost host” was hard at work doing some ghastly gardening during the park’s closure, toiling on landscaping and adding some new remembrances in the pet cemetery.

The inside of the Mansion was also spruced up with new dusty drapes, carpets, and wallpaper in some sections as well as new portrait “April to December,” that features an aristocratic lady aging before your very eyes.

The Haunted Mansion (and the rest of Disneyland) will reopen to California residents on April 30 at 25% of maximum park capacity. If you are a spirit from another state, you are going to have to delay your visit, but hopefully you will be able to “hurry back” by late summer or fall.

Video and image courtesy of Disney Parks.

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