Conskipper’s Exclusive Preview of Dark Horse Comics ‘Manor Black: Fire in the Blood’ #1

The second installment in Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Tyler Crook’s Manor Black series, Manor Black: Fire in the Blood, is coming in early February from Dark Horse Comics, and Conskipper has an exclusive preview to share!

For those unfamiliar with the first story arc, Manor Black is a Southern Gothic tale steeped in ancient sorcery and arcane societies. Dark magician Roman Black continues to tutor the young magic user Ari in the ways of magic in the new series, as she continues to avoid those in pursuit of her and Black’s strange, powerful, and jealous family.

Check out the first five pages of issue #1 (in stores on February 2), as well as the main cover by Hurtt and Crook and the variant cover by Francesco Francavilla below.

If you’d like to learn even more about Manor Black, take a gander at our interview with Crook about the series and his previous award-winning Dark Horse collaboration with Bunn, Harrow County.

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