Dan Brereton Launches Kickstarter Campaign for ‘By the Blade’ Art Book & Portfolio

Dan Brereton, the legendary artist and creator of Nocturnals, Giantkiller, and more returns to Kickstarter with a brand new project, “celebrating heroes and rogues, she-wolves and reapers.” The campaign has already amassed 390 ravenous backers with 19 days still left to go.

Featuring an art book called By the Blade and a portfolio titled Swordplay, Brereton calls this project a, “tribute to sword & sorcery, samurai chambara, weird tales and heroic fantasy.” The project marks a departure from Brereton’s recent Kickstarter efforts, which were more focused on Halloween and creatures of the night. For this one, Brereton promises a, “host of warriorkind, knights and rogues,  featuring many new pieces from the last two years, including work I’ll be adding right up to the minute we go to press in the Spring.” By the Blade marks Brereton’s seventh Kickstarter campaign.

Fans could select a variety of options to back, ranging from signed copies to original artwork. Pledges are available on the official Kickstarter page for the project.

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