‘Harrow County’ and ‘Manor Black’ Artist Tyler Crook: The Conskipper Interview

Tyler Crook has made a career out of scaring comic readers, but what started the Harrow County and Manor Black artist on his path towards horror comics?  In this exclusive Conskipper interview, Crook details his horror influences (and his great taste in music) and comments on many of his comics that fans of horror love.   

What are your earliest memories of the horror genre?

Tyler Crook: As a kid I really didn’t like horror movies. I found them pretty upsetting and avoided them. The first horror genre stuff that I enjoyed was Stephen King’s The Dark Half. The thing that really got me hooked on horror as a genre was getting into goth and punk bands later in high school. Bands like Bauhaus, The Misfits, T.S.O.L., and The Cramps made horror feel interesting and approachable for me. 

First/favorite Halloween costume? 

Crook: I don’t remember what my first Halloween costume was but I’m sure it was one of those costumes with a styrene mask and a plastic smock. My favorite Halloween costume is any costume that makes the wearer feel awesome. 

What horror comics had an influence on you as an artist and storyteller?

Crook: The biggest influence on me was definitely Hellboy and BPRD

You have collaborated with Cullen Bunn on some of the best horror comics in recent years.  How would you describe the differences between the horror in Harrow County when compared to Manor Black?

Crook: I think they are both horror stories with heart, but the big difference is that Harrow County is a faery tale and Manor Black is rooted more in the realities of the real world. 

Aside from Cullen, you also have illustrated a number of Hellboy and Mignolaverse titles.  What did you enjoy most in terms of working on those books?

Crook: Working in the Mignolaverse was an incredible experience. I learned so much from working with Mignola and Arcudi. I think I just enjoyed the challenge of trying to do that world justice. 

People were sad to see Harrow County end.  Any chance that there are more stories to tell?

Crook: YEAH! Last year, we started a new series called Tales from Harrow County. The trade paperback came out a few months ago and we are currently working on the second miniseries. 

Upcoming projects?

Crook: I just started working on a new series with Jeff Lemire that should be coming out next year. Then, right after that I’ll be writing and drawing a new series. None of that has been properly announced yet so that’s about all I can say right now. 

Harrow County, Tales from Harrow County, and Manor Black collections are all available at finer comic book shops and bookstores everywhere. In addition, you can read Harrow County #1 and Manor Black #1 for free during the month of October as part of Dark Horse Comics Free Horror #1’s promotion.

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