Dynamite Entertainment and Elvira Offer a Kickstarter Comic Book Quarantine Special

Elvira has been synonymous with Halloween since Movie Macabre premiered in Los Angeles on September 26, 1981. And while Elvira is naturally associated with the holiday and horror films, she also has a long publication history in the world of comics, starting with Elvira’s House of Mystery (from DC Comics) in 1987 and a 166 issue series from Claypool comics.

Ever since 2018, the Mistress of the Dark has called Dynamite Entertainment her comic home, with a host of series and specials that highlight then vivacious and hilarious horror host.

In honor of the Halloween season and to help alleviate the blues of the worldwide pandemic, Elvira has once again teamed with Dynamite for a Kickstarter campaign for her Quarantine Special called The Omega Ma’am.

The riff on the 1971 adaptation of I Am Legend is written by David Avallone (Elvira, Bettie Page), and Elvira with art by Dave Acosta. According to Elvira, the comic was dreamed up by herself and “…Dreadful David Avallone and Disturbed Dave Acosta” and they together crafted “…a brand new comic book story that is perfect for this horror filled season. Follow my four color adventure through a nightmarish apocalyptic landscape after waking from a hairspray induced coma.  What strange creatures will I encounter…find out right here!”

The 48-page comic is currently available with a number of variant covers, as well as signed versions. The” hostess with the horror mostness” is also offering her own version of a Ouija board called “Elvira’s Spectral Board”.

The Kickstarter campaign (which has already been funded in less than 24 hours) will run until November 13 in case you want to back the project and get your hands on one of these limited edition comics.

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