Disney+ Series ‘What If?’ Opens up a Multiverse of Infinite Possibilities in New Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series What If? highlights Marvel’s original foray into alternate realities, promising a whole new world of possibilities for generations of fans.

Almost all of the MCU actors are returning to voice characters that they have played on screen, and the animated series will also feature the last performance by Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa/Star Lord in a Guardians of the Galaxy/Black Panther mash-up.

Other episodes teased in the trailer includes Hayley Atwell’s return as Peggy Carter (but this time Peggy is the one who received the Super Soldier serum, not Steve Rogers), a team-up between Tony Stark and Erik Killmonger, and Marvel Zombies.

Jeffrey Wright voices the host of What if?, the mysterious Watcher, Uatu (who, as reported by Conskipper back in December of 2020, surprisingly has made six appearances across many Marvel animated series, dating all the way back to 1967’s Fantastic Four when he was voiced by The Haunted Mansion’s “ghost host”, Paul Frees).

What If? is directed by Bryan Andrews, with Ashley Bradley serving as head writer.

If you are interested in the original Marvel What If? series, you are also in luck, as the What If? Volume One Omnibus will be released on August 18, capturing the first 22 issues on the ground-breaking 1977 series.

Check out the trailer and poster below and be sure to tune in on August 11.

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