‘The Mighty Thor’ Omnibus Vol. 4 Highlights Early 1970’s Adventures of the Thunder God

Gerry Conway and John Buscema’s stellar collaboration is the focus on the latest Mighty Thor Omnibus edition, collecting stories from 1972 to 1974.

The Mighty Thor Omnibus Volume 4 contains Thor #195-228 and a two-page pin-up by Buscema from Marvel Treasury Edition #3.

Buscema’s art is inked by a variety of all-star artists such as Marie Severin, Don Perlin, Sal Buscema, Rich Buckler, Arvell Jones, Keith Pollard, Vince Colletta, John Verpoorten, Jim Mooney, Mike Esposito, and Joe Sinnott.

Highlights include Conway’s “Into the Black Nebula” storyline and an extended battel with Pluto (which is also the start of Thor’s frequent team-ups with Hercules in this era). The golden-haired Avenger also battles familiar foes such as Loki, Ulik, Mangog, The Absorbing Man, Ego the Living Planet, the Destroyer, Firelord, and some classic 70’s villains such as Kartag the Keeper, the Fourth-Dimensional Man, the Demon Druid, Xorr, The Protector, and Avalon.

Part three of Steve Englehart, Gerry Conway, and Len Wein’s clandestine crossover event between Marvel and DC, now known as “The Rutland Halloween Crossover”, also appears in the collection (in Thor #207).

The Mighty Thor Omnibus Volume 4 contains 784 pages for a suggested retail price of $100.00.

The Omnibus is available in a Gil Kane or John Buscema (comic shop variant) cover which you can examine below.

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