SiriusXM’s ‘SCREAM Radio’ 2022 Returns on October 14

SiriusXM brings back their popular Halloween station, SCREAM Radio, on October 14 to satisfy all of your Halloween needs, in the car or at home.

The exclusive channel will debut on both streaming and satellite services on Channel 104 from October 14 at 3am ET through November 1 at 3am ET (and can we please move this date up earlier? If SiriusXM can start 12 or more holiday stations right after Thanksgiving, we deserve the full month of October!).

The SCREAM Radio mix consists of traditional haunted house sound effects, Halloween songs, horror film scores, ghost stories, and more.

Those listening on the web or on the app can also access The Freaky 50 (a top 50 Halloween-song countdown), Hard & Heavy Bloody Anthems, Kids Halloween Playlist, and a variety of other specials on a number of channels as it gets closer to Halloween weekend.

Stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Halloween needs all throughout October.

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