Original ‘Tomb of Dracula’ Writer Marv Wolfman returns for ‘What If…?Dark: Tomb of Dracula’

Marv Wolfman returns to the Tomb he built in 1972 for a new tale of the Count in What If…?Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1 with artist David Cutler.

Dracula, Blade, and the daughter of Dracula, Lilith Drake, all appear in the latest What If…? Dark one-shot, asking the question: “What If…Dracula transformed Blade into a vampire?

Wolfman remembers when he “…was a fledgling comics writer who mostly wrote short 2 to 8 page ‘monster’ stories when Editor Roy Thomas asked if I’d like to write Tomb of Dracula, my very first series for Marvel, and the book that would jumpstart my career. So it is a real thrill now that 50-plus years later Marvel asked me to once again dive into that pool with this very special What If…? story, and to bring back that great cast of characters that artist Gene Colan and I created so many years ago. Thank you, Marvel, for giving me the chance to play with old friends one last time.”

Look for the throw-back comic at your local comic shop on November 8 and check out Giuseppe Camuncoli’s main cover and the special return of the daughter of Dracula variant cover by Artgerm below.

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