‘What If? Dark’ Comics Imagine Tragic Scenarios for Marvel’s Finest

Even though most “What If?” stories in Marvel’s past have been a little bit on the dark side, the new series of What If? one-shots called What If…? Dark make it very clear that these are not cheerful flights of fancy.

The series of four one-shots begins in July (7/5) with What if…? Dark: Loki by legendary Thor writer and artist Walter Simonson which wonders how things would have gone on Asgard if Loki became the owner of Mjolnir. Simonson also provides the cover, but Scot Eaton handles the interior artwork for this sorted tale.

Gerry Conway returns to one of the most tragic stories in comic history on July 19 (co-plotted and co-scripted by Jody Houser) with What If…” Dark: Spider-Gwen, imagining a world where Spider-Man died trying to save Gwen Stacey. Art duties on this one are handled by Ramon Bachs, with a cover by Greg Land.

What if…? Dark: Venom brings readers back to the Thing’s post Secret Wars space adventures and an unfortunate encounter with a symbiote. The new rocky Venom story is written by Stephanie Phillips with art by Jethro Morales and a cover by Philip Tan, and will be in stores on August 2.

Last but not least, Moon Knight (who never seems to have a good day) gets his own What If…? Dark story written by Erica Schultz and artist Edgar Salazar that considers what would have happened if Moon Knight was killed by Bushman and another avatar had to rise to the occasion of revenge. Find out who the mystery candidate is on August 16.

Check out all of the impressive covers below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your What If? news.

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