New Edition of Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham’s ‘Miracleman’ Coming in October

Marvel Comics continues to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alan Moore’s Miracleman series with a new softcover printing of Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham’s continuation of Moore’s seminal story entitled The Golden Age Book 1.

The new edition will arrive in October and consists of the first six issues of Gaiman and Buckingham’s run (which began in issue #17 back in 1990 from Eclipse Comics and ended with issue #24 in 1993).

Marvel’s new edition does leave out issues #23 and #24 of Gaiman and Buckingham’s run, which indicates that they are probably saving those issues for another upcoming release, possibly paired with the Miracleman Apocrypha mini-series from 1991 (or even Marvel’s 2015 Miracleman Annual by Grant Morrison).

Marvel originally reprinted The Golden Age in 2015 as six issue mini-series, followed by a hardcover collection of the material.

Look for more Miracleman news in the future, as the character gets incorporated into the Marvel Universe in the coming months during the Timeless mini-series.

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