Tim Wood and Sapphire Sandalo Discuss their Upcoming Investigation of ‘The Ghost Town Terror’

Even though they were facing challenging terrain and dark paranormal forces, investigator Tim Wood and paranormal researcher Sapphire Sandalo found something inspiring about helping a family find answers behind the haunting of their Montana ranch. 

“It was really, in a way, inspiring to see how this family had been handling the situation,” Sandalo recalled during a recent phone interview. “Just seeing how they supported each other during something really difficult and challenging, and by the end of it I feel like we were all in a very different place.” 

Wood and Sandalo’s six-week investigation of Gunslinger Gulch – a ghost town and guest ranch on the outskirts of Anaconda, Montana – is the subject of a new series titled The Ghost Town Terror, which premieres Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Travel Channel and all day on discovery+.

The trouble started when Karen Broussard and her three children – 20-year-old Chloe, 21-year-old Cameron and 15-year-old Colby – began experiencing paranormal attacks, including scratches and disembodied voices. Desperate for help, the family reached out to Wood and Sandalo. 

It strikes Wood as ironic that the 52-acre property, while beautiful, could also be the location of such dark activity, he said. 

“They are on an isolated property in the middle of Montana, so when they have things going on at the ranch, it’s just us up there,” Wood said. “They’re super isolated. It just compounded the need to get them help and get them answers.”  

There were also various historic and abandoned buildings from across the state that were salvaged and brought to the property. Researching them wasn’t easy, Sandalo said. 

“Every building has its own history. Every building was brought from a different location. A lot of the history was not available on the Internet,” Sandalo said. “It was just this weird little treasure hunt that was leading nowhere. One of the biggest challenges was even just trying to find the history of these places because it was just not readily available.”

Wood’s investigative abilities paired well with Sandalo’s research, the pair said. They also enlisted the help of a psychic medium, Sarah Lemos, and investigator Scott Di Lalla.

“Research can only get you so far. Investigating can only get you so far,” Sandalo said. “But if you have somebody who can sense and see and feel things that you can’t find in an archive, then it’s really helpful for sure and Sarah was absolutely great.” 

The team’s extensive investigation uncovers an unsolved murder, bones, EVPs and physical attacks, according to press materials for the show.  And while Sandalo and Wood don’t want to give too much away, they did say it was difficult to watch the family go through this ordeal, even when the cameras were off. 

“They’ve invested everything they had into this property and they don’t really have anywhere else to go other than the ranch. That’s all they know,” Wood said. “That’s all they’ve known for a couple years now, but they have this strength that has kept them there. But eventually you can only go through so much.” 

And yet, Wood said he felt something positive was helping them steer the investigation toward the right direction. 

“There was something that was guiding us to help the family the whole time we were out there,” Wood said. “We were given little clues along the way. It was those things that ultimately helped Karen and the Broussards out.” 

Sandalo said she wants viewers to feel empowered and inspired after watching the show. 

“If they’re experiencing something similar, there are  always people out there willing to help and able to help, and I want that to be the takeaway,” she said.  

The Ghost Town Terror, a six-episode series, premieres Friday, March 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and launches the same day on discovery+. Check out the frightening trailer below and keep visiting Conskipper for all of your paranormal news and interviews.


  1. I love this show! I can’t wait for fridays just to watch ghost town terror! Keep kicking a$$!

  2. I like watching ” most haunted ” uk TV programme.because they don’t use atmospheric music ect.other shows it drowns out noises that they apparently here.so when they say” oh my god did you here that?”,NO,i didn’t here a thing apart from noises to make it scary.so whats the point? So did it happen?.unless your there who knows.the investigators talk as if they know what there doing but on the other side of the camera it seems like they need the music to make it real.so watch someone else.

  3. I binge watched this series. For me was not believable, just off the charts lack of credibility. Was this supposed to be real?
    Excuse a Oldman simply my opinion ok.

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