Miles Morales Takes on the Original Carnage in ‘Carnage Reigns’ Crossover Event

The original Carnage host Cletus Kasady returns to make a new Spider-Man’s life hell in the upcoming seven-part “Carnage Reigns” crossover event this summer.

“Carnage Reigns” begins on May 3 with the giant-sized Carnage Reigns Alpha #1 written by Alex Paknadel and Cody Ziglar, with art by Julius Ohta, Jan Bazaldua, Federico Vicentini, and Francesco Manna.

Paknadel described “Carnage Reigns” as “…an old-fashioned David and Goliath story pitting a greener Spider-Man against the most sadistic monster in the Marvel Universe—Cletus Kasady! Miles has only been this out of his depth on a handful of occasions, which is a gift from a storytelling perspective. I’ve really enjoyed crafting this tale with Cody Ziglar, and we’ve developed a really fun, really productive working shorthand and that fun is present on the page!

As evidenced by Taurin Clarke’s variant cover (the header image above) the event will also include a number of Spidey’s allies and foes such as Iron Man, the Red Goblin, the Scorpion, and Electro.

Check out Ryan Stegman’s cover for Carnage Reigns Alpha #1 and the event checklist below.

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