Funko to Increase Mondo’s Low Print Runs

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti has promised to expand the print runs on Mondo’s notoriously low edition sizes going forward.

Mariotti posted his intentions and cleared up the future of the division in a letter to fans on twitter, and said “The Mondo posters will continue, period. We feel that making extremely limited runs of posters, most of which are 150 pieces or under, limits access to fans unfairly. Many of these posters are bought with the sole purpose of flipping them at a much higher cost to fans that really want them.”

Mariotti added that Mondo would insure the collectability of the posters and prints and also expand its line to include the worlds of television, anime, and professsional sports, as “Our goal is to make larger edition size runs (limited but not ultra-limited) that allows more fans to participate in this world-class expression of art. ”

Mondo acquired Funko in 2022 from original creators Rob Jones and Tim League, which and was a subsidiary of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Check out the full letter below and stay tuned to Conskipper for more information about Mondo’s upcoming releases.

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