Louise Simonson Inducted into Eisner Awards Hall of Fame

Trailblazing writer and editor Louise Simonson was inducted into the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame at this year’s ceremony, held virtually through Comic-Con@Home on Friday, July 24.

Simonson is best known for her work on the best-selling X-Titles of the 1980’s and ’90’s such as X-Factor, New Mutants, Power Pack, and Superman: The Man of Steel, where she played a key roll in “The Death of Superman” event series. Many of the characters she co-created are well-known to comic fandom, such as Cable and Apocalypse for Marvel and Doomsday and Steel for DC.

Simonson started her career at Warren Publishing in 1974, editing a number of the companies horror comic magazines, CreepyEerie, and Vampirella. In January 1980, she joined Marvel Comics, as an editor on Uncanny X-Men, The New Mutants, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. comics.

In 1983, she took a major risk and quit her job as an editor to pursue a full time writing career. The risk paid off, as she returned to Marvel only a year later and created Power Pack and picked up other high profile writing assignments on Marvel Team-Up and Web of Spider-Man. Eventually, Simonson would have her own “Marvel team-up” with husband and artist Walt Simonson on X-Factor from 1988-1989. Simonson continues to write comic stories, and last year contributed two stories to DC Primal Age #1 and also returned to Power Pack with the one-shot Power Pack: Grow Up.

Conskipper would like to congratulate Simonson on her induction into the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame and for being a role model to an entire generation of female comic book writers.

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