Greg Capullo Returns to Spawn with 4 New Covers

Image Comics announced that Greg Capullo will return to Spawn with a run of four all new covers spanning issues 313 to 316. The covers will be pencilled by Capullo and inked by Todd McFarlane, a collaboration which hearkens back to the early days of Spawn.

Aside from Todd McFarlane himself, no other artist in the industry has had a greater influence on the Spawn series than Greg Capullo. The legendary artist provided pencils for 72 of the first 100 issues of Spawn, and many of which were inked by McFarlane himself. Their collaborations were simply magical, and defined the look of any comics fan thinks of when considering classic Spawn. Even after leaving the series to work on DC blockbusters like Batman and Dark Knights: Metal, Capullo has returned to Spawn every once in a while for the occasional cover to mark a milestone in the franchise.

The Spawn #313 Capullo/McFarlane covers will be available in color (Cover C) and in black and white (Cover D). The black and white edition will be a limited edition run. Spawn #313 will be available in comic book shops on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020.

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