New Daleks Arrive for Christmas on ‘Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks’ Special

Every Doctor Who fan would be thrilled to receive a shiny new Dalek under the tree (although every Doctor Who fan would not want to find a full-sized one standing next to their tree shouting “exterminate!!!!” on Christmas morning).

This year the long-time foe of every Doctor Who is back with a (slightly) new look. Radio Times beat all other news outlets in the universe to the punch by revealing the new Dalek design in the tweet below:

Doctor Who executive producer Matt Strevens gave his take on the redesign to Radio News and stated that “You want to contemporize them, and make them hold up to scrutiny under modern filming techniques, and to look as high-end as you possibly can. You can’t stray too far from the classic design – but then what can you do within that? How can you make them feel different, and relevant, and sexy, and lethal as well?” (Sexy? Well, I guess if you’re a hardcore Who fan).

Just when can we expect to see these new maniacal machines? The BBC is saying that the special will air sometime during the holiday season, so hopefully they schedule it soon.

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