Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason Bring Back Your Friendly Neighborhood Punk in ‘Spider-Punk’ Mini-Series

Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason reunite for another loud and wild adventure in a brand new Spider-Punk mini-series in February 2024.

The duo turn the spotlight on the liberty-spike wearing Hobie Brown and his friends as they navigate through Earth-138 (Misfits reference?) and face of against his world’s Justin Hammer & Doctor Otto Octavius, and some Spider-Slaying Sentinels.

Ziglar is excited to revisit the punk Spidey and said “Y’all, it feels so friggin’ cool to dive back into Earth-138 with Justin and explore the world of Hobie and the Spider-band even more! There’s some new additions to the Spider-Punk roster, some real dope villains, and some other cool stuff I don’t wanna spoil… but absolutely cannot wait for folks! And yes, there’ll 100% be a Spider-Punk Playlist Vol. 2!” (and if you missed the first Playlist, check it out right here).

Check out the cover below by Takashi Okazaki, look for the punk in store sometime in February (he doesn’t need to give you an exact date!), and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Spidey news.

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