Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe Revisit ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ in Retro ‘Battleworld’ Series

Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe celebrate Marvel’s Secret Wars 40th anniversary with an all-new retro mini-series that takes place smack dab in the middle of the original story.

The series, titled Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld, sees DeFalco (the editor of the original Secret Wars) and Olliffe return to the Beyonder’s Battleworld, with a distinct focus on a secret mission starring Spider-Man and the Human Torch.

In addition to the Spidey and Torch team-up, the series also gets to retcon some toy issues from the past with the inclusion of action figures who appeared in the original toy line, but not the actual comic series from the 80s, such as Baron Zemo, Hobgoblin, Electro, Constrictor, and more.

DeFalco is well aware that “Pat Olliffe and I were handed a daunting creative challenge. We were asked to do a sequel/new tale of a classic Marvel story that first saw print 40 years ago and created ripples that are still felt throughout the universe today. Since we share a kinship with a certain web-swinger (and his family), we were also compelled to do a story that ripped to his core and defined his unique place in the Marvel Universe while examining the budding relationship with his new black costume. With the aid of editors Mark Basso and Drew Baumgartner, Pat and I constructed a tale that we believe has repercussions for today’s readers and creative ripples that we hope will still be felt 40 years from now.”

Check out the cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli below and look for the first issue at your favorite comic book shop on November 22, and be sure to stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your current and classic comic news.

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