‘Black Panther by Christopher Priest’ Omnibus Vol. 1 Highlights Reinvention of Character

December’s Black Panther by Christopher Priest Omnibus Volume 1 collects the first half of the series that would go on to have the biggest impact on the character since his debut in the pages of Fantastic Four #52 in 1966.

The new omnibus collects 840 pages comprising the launch of the Marvel Knights’ title in 1998’s Black Panther #1-33, and guest appearances in Deadpool #44 and Marvel Double Shot #2.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s creation would undergo so significant changes and a decidedly sarcastic/comedic take on the character, balanced with a modern sensibility, and a new address for T’Challa: New York City.

Much of Priest’s satire is funneled through one of the central characters in the new series, U.S. government attaché Everett K. Ross, who constantly finds himself in hot water, due to his cultural and political faux pas. In addition to Ross, Priest would also introduce Queen Divine Justice and the Dora Milaje to the Panther universe.

Priest is joined by a number of artists over the course of the first half of his run on the title, including Joe Quesada, Mark Teixeira, Alitha Martinez, Vince Evans, Joe Jusko, Jimmy Palmiotti, Vince Evans, Amanda Conner, Mike Manley, M.D. Bright, Nelson DeCastro, Sal Velluto, Bob Almond, Kyle Hotz, Eric Powell, J. Calafiore, and Jon Holdredge.

Priest’s entire run was previously collected in a four volume set of graphic novels from 2015-2016, all of which are currently out of print (with volumes three and four seeing a large increase in value in recent years).

Black Panther by Christopher Priest Omnibus Volume 1 arrives on December 6 with a suggested retail price of $100.00. The omnibus also comes with two different covers by Teixeira (standard) and Velluto (comic shop variant).

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