‘Avengers Assemble: Alpha’ Begins a New Avengers Saga in November

 Jason Aaron continues to build on his Avengers legacy by uniting his work on Avengers, Avengers Forever, and Avengers 1,000,000 B.C. in November’s Avengers Assemble: Alpha.

The one-shot (with art by Bryan Hitch) will launch the new storyline, which will be told in Avengers and Avengers Forever beginning in December 2022, and continuing into 2023.

Aaron says that his Avengers saga has been building for “Four years of Avengers stories. Threads from really every major series I’ve worked on throughout my last decade and a half at Marvel, from Ghost Rider to Thor. It all leads to this. The biggest Avengers story I could possibly imagine. Featuring a cavalcade of characters from across creation. And I’m so deeply thrilled and honored that it all kicks off with an oversized ALPHA issue that’s being drawn by the legendary Bryan Hitch, who I’m getting to work with here for the very first time.”

Check out the cover art for Avengers Assemble: Alpha by Hitch below and look for the comic in stores on November 30.

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