‘X-Men’ Omnibus Volume 2 Returns to Print

The second omnibus collection of The X-Men returns to print for the first time in eleven years this March, allowing collectors and fans to read the classic Marvel mutant tales once again.

X-Men Omnibus Volume 2 collects The Uncanny X-Men #32-66, The Avengers #66, Ka-Zar #2-3, Marvel Tales #30, and Not Brand Echh #4 and 8 and contains work by Roy Thomas, Arnold Drake, Gary Friedrich, Jerry Siegel, Dennis O’neil, Linda Fite, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Werner Roth, Don Heck, George Tuska, Barry Windsor-Smith, John Buscema and Sal Buscema. 

The issues feature the original X-Men team of Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Iceman and Marvel Girl (in new more colorful duds!) and X-Men milestones such as the first (of many) death of Professor X, the first appearances of Havok, Polaris and Sunfire, crossover with the Avengers, Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Ka-Zar, and clashes with Juggernaut, Magneto, Red Raven, Mutant Master, Mesmero, the Living Pharaoh/Monolith, Sauron, numerous Sentinels, and even Frankenstein. The Omnibus also includes the original letters pages from each issue as well.

The new edition of the X-Men Omnibus Volume 2 contains 920 pages for a retail price of $125.00, and will be in stores on March 30.

Fans will have their choice of the original George Tuska cover from X-Men #39 or the recreation by John Cassaday. Check out both versions below and be sure to come back to Conskipper for all of your X-Men news.

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