‘Aztec Ace’ Series by Doug Moench gets first Graphic Novel Collection

1984’s cult classic comic Aztec Ace by Doug Moench will be reprinted for the first time in Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection in August. 

The first-time collection is made possible through a collaboration between Dark Horse Comics and IT’S ALIVE!, and collects all fifteen issues of the original Eclipse Comics series.

For those that have never experienced Moench’s genre-bending story, Aztec Ace combines two-fisted pulp action, time-travel between the 14th and 23rd century, and even the disembodied head of Sigmund Freud!

Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection not only includes the entire series, but also a bonus Aztec Ace short story by Moench and Tim Sale, as well as a pin-up gallery featuring new artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz, ChrisCross, Dan Day, Jeff Lemire, Joe Staton, Jok, Kelley Jones, Matt Kindt, Michael Avon Oeming, Michael Wm Kaluta, Paul Gulacy, Paul Pope, Ron Harris, and more.

Look for Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection hardcover at your local comic shop on August 24 , and at your favorite bookstore on September 27, for a suggested retail price of $79.99.

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