Conan Returns in a New Novel by S.M. Stirling with ‘Conan: Blood of the Serpent’ in December

Conan the Barbarian returns to the world of prose fiction for the first time since 2003 with S.M. Stirling’s upcoming novel Conan: Blood of the Serpent for Titan Books this December.

S.M. Stirling, New York Times bestselling author of Dies the Fire and Island in the Sea of Time, will pen the first Conan novel since Harry Turtledove’s 2003 Conan of Venarium.

Titan Books’ Stephen W. Saffel says that Stirling has “…a deep-rooted affinity to the source material.” and that Blood of the Serpent will take place “…within the timeline of Howard’s tales, and over the course of several outlines (we) determined that it would lead into one of Steve’s personal favorites, “Red Nails.”

Conan: Blood of the Serpent is scheduled to coincide with the 90th anniversary of Robert E. Howard’s first Conan adventure, “The Phoenix on the Sword,” which appeared in the December 1932 issue of Weird Tales.

Blood of the Serpent will also include one of Howard’s most famous Conan tales, “Red Nails”, as an added bonus.

The hardcover edition of Conan: Blood of the Serpent is currently available for pre-order from Titan Books and you can check out the cover below.

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