‘War of Kings’ Omnibus Contains Entire Galactic Saga

The War of Kings Omnibus returns (originally published in 2016) to comic shops in April, collecting 2009’s entire galactic saga.

The battle between the Kree/Inhumans, the Shi’Ar, and a hurting Skrull Empire following Secret Invasion includes the original six issue limited series by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Paul Pelletier as well as all of the crossover issues and series in The Uncanny X-Men #475-486, X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1-5, Secret Invasion: War of Kings, X-Men: Kingbreaker #1-4, Nova #23-28, Guardians of the Galaxy #13-19,War of Kings: Darkhawk #1-2, War of Kings: Warriors #1-2, War of Kings: Ascension #1-4, War of Kings: Savage World of Skaar, War of Kings: Who Will Rule?, Marvel Spotlight: War of Kings and related material from X-Men: Divided We Stand #2.

All of the previous issues require a lot of creative talent, and creators such as Andy Schmidt, Ed Brubaker, Christopher Yost, C.B. Cebulski, Jay Faerber, Christos N. Gage, Jess Harrold, Dugan Trodglen, Chris Arrant, Sheila Johnson, and John Rhett Thomas. Art By Billy Tan, Danny Miki, Clayton Henry, Mark Morales, Allen Martinez, Paco Diaz Luque, Vincente Cifuentes, Frazer Irving, Bong Dazo, Rick Magyar, Joe Pimentel, Dustin Weaver, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba, Harvey Tolibao, Paolo Pantalena, Mahmud Asrar, Jeffrey Huet, Carlos Magno, Norman Lee, Adriana Melo, Mariah Benes, Ramon H. Perez, Andrew Hennessy, Wellinton Alves, Scott Hanna, Nelson Pereira, Graham Nolan, Reilly Brown, Nelson DeCastro, Andrea DiVito, Hevin Sharpe, Livesay, Brad Walker, and Wes Craig are all represented in the omnibus.

The Hala-sized Omnibus contains 1,304 pages for a suggested retail price of $125.00.

The Omnibus once again comes with two covers; one by David Yardin and a variant, comic shop edition by Brandon Peterson.

Check out both covers below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your vintage comic news.

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