‘The Conjuring’ House Sells for $1.5 Million

It took some negotiating, but the haunted farmhouse made famous in James Wan’s original The Conjuring film just sold for $1.525 million.

The most recent owners, Cory and Jenn Heinzen, originally put the house up for $1.2 million, but new owner Jacqueline Nunez had to up her offer substantially as a bidding war ensued in order to secure one of the world’s most famous haunted locations.

Regardless of the paranormal problems inside the house, the Heinzens made a tidy profit on the location, which they purchased for a mere $439,000 in 2019.

Nunez told The Providence Journal that she won’t be living in the house full-time, as “That was one of the conditions of the sale: whoever bought this could not live here year-round.” but she will be staying over some nights when the farm house isn’t being used for paranormal tours and investigations.

While Nunez does believe in the paranormal, the new owner says that “I’m more afraid of the living than I am of the dead.” One of the reasons for the sale of the house had to do with the amount of trespassers to the 1736 farmhouse that the Heinzen’s had to deal with on a regular basis.

Nunez plans to continue offering tours and overnight stays at the farmhouse, and all previously booked “adventures” will be honored.

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Photo Credit: The Providence Journal / Kris Craig

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