John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ Returns to Theaters for 40th Anniversary in June

Although John Carpenter’s The Thing did not fare very well at the box office back in the summer of 1982 (due primarily to being released very close to a much friendlier alien in the form of E.T.), the film is now revered as an absolute in-camera effects classic four decades later.

For those that missed out on seeing the film in 1982, Fathom Events will bring back The Thing for a special 40th Anniversary screening at select theaters around the country on Sunday, June 19 (for all those Dads who also happen to be Carpenter fans, of which there are many) and on Wednesday, June 22.

To see if the bleak and thrilling masterpiece is playing in your area, be sure to visit the landing page for the arctic alien tale right here.

UPDATE: After the June 19 screenings of The Thing projected the film in a cropped ratio of 1.85:1 (instead of the original aspect ratio of 2.35:1), Fathom apologized to fans and assured them that the June 22 screening would be in 2:35.1. They also scheduled a third showing for July 6. So if you saw the subpar version, or missed out last week, you have another chance to see the film in theaters on July 6.

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