Retro 2022 Star Wars Collector’s Edition Calendar Mimics Classic Action Figure Art

Trends International’s 2022 Star Wars Collector’s Edition Calendar may be for the 21st century, but you will feel like it is 1977 again with the retro toy look captured on each page.

The design for each month is based on the classic Kenner toy packaging and features month’s dedicated to Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and all the classic characters from the original trilogy.

The calendar comes as part of a boxed set that includes two  8″ x 10″ posters of Luke and Boba Fett from Return of the Jedi.

 The calendar goes on sale on June 21 (for all you early birds out there) and retails for $20.99.

Check out some of the art below which is guaranteed to transport you to a happier time and place.

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