CGC Announces Private In-House Signing and Remarques with Art Adams

CGC will be hosting a private, in-house signing event this summer with long-time Marvel artist Art Adams.

Along with autographs, Adams is also offering Wolverine Remarques on any comic of your choice (and Remarques will be limited to the first 100 submitters).

Brittany McManus, CGC Signature Series Director, is excited to offer the unique opportunity to fans of the artist and considers Adams to have “…contributed to and influenced significantly the comic world with his captivating creations and iconic characters. We are so stoked for this signing, and we cannot wait to share this with fans. Not to mention, we’ll get to see some of his amazing Remarques!”

All CGC members (including free CGC members) can submit books directly to CGC headquarters in Sarasota, Florida and they must receive all submissions by Friday, July 30, 2021.

According to the CGC website, The CGC In-House Private Signing fee for Art Adams is $70 per item and includes:

  • Art Adam’s signature
  • Encapsulation with the iconic yellow CGC Signature Series label 

The CGC Private Signing fee for an Art Adams Remarque is $110 per item and includes:

  • Art Adam’s remarque. The submitter may request the desired Remarque. The final design and subject matter of the Remarque is at the artist’s discretion. CGC cannot guarantee Remarque requests.
  • Art Adam’s signature
  • Encapsulation with the iconic yellow CGC Signature Series label

The estimated turnaround time for the signatures and remarques is approximately six weeks. An estimated turnaround time of eight weeks can be expected if you are getting your comics CCS pressed (and an additional $20 fee applies for CCS pressing).

Check out a sample remarque below and keep checking back with Conskipper for all of our signing and comic art news.

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