Jean Grey Returns in ‘Phoenix’ Omnibus Vol. 2

The Phoenix Force finds two new hosts, and the original Marvel Girl Jean Grey returns, in the second Omnibus dedicated to Phoenix.

The Phoenix Omnibus Vol. 2 continues directly after the first Phoenix Omnibus in The Uncanny X-Men #141-142, 168-176, 184, 199, 201-203, 207-209, 221-222 and 239-243 featuring the debut of two new characters who would take on the Phoenix mantle: the time-travelling Rachel Summers and the insidious Madelyne Pryor.

The original, non-Phoenix Force empowered Grey returns in The Avengers #263, Fantastic Four #286, and X-Factor #1.

The Omnibus also contains Grey’s further adventures in X-Factor #13, 18 and 35-39 and the Summers in Excalibur #42-50, 52, 61 and 66-67.

All stories are written by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Roger Stern, Bob Layton, Louise Simonson, and Alan Davis, with art by Byrne, Paul Smith, Walt Simonson, John Romita, Jr., Rick Leonardi, Marc Silvestri, John Buscema, Jackson “Butch” Guice, Terry Shoemaker, Alan Davis, Will Simpson, Bob Wiacek, Dan Green, Whilce Portacio, Al Williamson, P. Craig Russell, Hilary Barta, Tom Palmer, Joe Rubinstein, Al Milgrom, Mark Farmer, Jimmy Palmiotti, Dave Hoover, and Terry Austin.

The Phoenix Omnibus Vol. 2 consists of 1,328 pages for a suggested retail price of $150.00.

The Omnibus is also available with two covers; a classic by Walt Simonson and a new Phoenix illustration by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

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