‘Maestro by Peter David’ Omnibus Ready to Destroy Your Bookshelf

Peter David and George Perez’s seminal Hulk: Future Imperfect mini-series serves as the opener for the new Maestro by Peter David Omnibus, chronicling all of the exploits of the corrupt, gray-bearded Hulk.

The Maestro by Peter David Omnibus includes Maestro’s appearances in The Incredible Hulk #460-461, Captain Marvel #27-30, Spider-Man 2099 #9-10, Secret Wars Battleworld: Future Imperfect #1-5, the three recent solo mini-series entitled Maestro #1-5, Maestro: War and Pax #1-5, Maestro: World War M #1-5, and Maestro stories from Hulk: Broken Worlds #1 and Secret Wars: Battleworld #4.

The only non-David written issues in the Omnibus are Exiles #79-80 by Tony Bedard and The Abominations #1-3 by Ivan Velez Jr.

Artists featured in the collection include Perez, Adam Kubert, ChrisCross, Chris Batista, Will Sliney, Greg Land, German Peralta, Dale Keown, Javier Pina, Pasqual Ferry, Paul Pelletier, Angel Medina, Mark Farmer, Anibal Rodriguez, and Rich Perotta.

The Maestro by Peter David Omnibus consists of 952 gamma-irradiated pages for a suggested retail price of $125.00.

The omnibus is available in both Perez and Land covers which you can gaze at below.

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