Nightwing’s New Costume Includes Famous Blue Stripes

Costume redesigns have the potential to send fans into a tailspin, but Bruno Redondo’s new version of the Nightwing suit has a lot of classic touches, including the fan-favorite blue stripes.

Nightwing’s updated suit (complete with the aforementioned arm-length blue stripes and a higher “eagle” logo positioning) can be seen on the cover of January’s Nightwing #88 and Redondo says that the redesign may be “…the less brave Re-design I ever did, but don’t believe in fix something that’s not broken… but mixing different stages details with some self adjustments here and there?”

Current writer Tom Taylor is excited by his artistic collaborator Redondo’s designs and also says that there may be a “surprise or two” on the way in terms of the new suit.

Check out the cover to Nightwing #88 (in stores on January 18) below and our review of the Redondo and Taylor’s first issue of Nightwing right here.

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