New ‘House of M’ Omnibus Collects Entire Event Series

One of Marvel’s biggest cross-overs of the new century lands in comic shops in January, providing the entire tale in one gigantic omnibus.

The House of M Omnibus contains the original series and specific spin-off series from 2005, including House of M #1-8, Spider-Man: House of M #1-5, Fantastic Four: House of M #1-3, Iron Man: House of M #1-3, New Thunderbolts #11, Black Panther #7, The Uncanny X-Men #462-465, Wolverine #33-35, Captain America #10, Pulse #10, Cable and Deadpool #17, The Incredible Hulk #83-87, New X-Men #16-19, Exiles #69-71, Mutopia X #1-5, Decimation: House of M – The Day After, Giant Size Ms. Marvel, Secrets of the House of M, Pulse: House of M Special Edition, House Of M #1 Director’s Cut Edition, House of M Sketchbook, and if that wan’t enough, one ancillary story from Hulk: Broken Worlds #1.

The series that made the phrase “No more mutants” famous was originally orchestrated by Brian Michael Bendis and ¬†Olivier Coipel, but the omnibus also contains a who’s who of writing and artistic talent from the early part of the century.

Writers featured in House of M include Mark Waid, Tom Peyer, John Layman, Greg Pak, Fabian Nicieza, Reginald Hudlin, Chris Claremont, Daniel Way, Ed Brubaker, Peter David, Fred Van Lente, Nunzio DeFilippis, Tony Bedard, David Hine, Brian Reed, Mike Raicht, and Christina Weir.

Artists who work is represented in the new omnibus include Pat Lee, Lee Weeks, Salvador Larroca, Tom Grummett, Scot Eaton, Trevor Hairsine, Alan Davis, Chris Bachalo, Javier Saltares, Mark Texeira, Michael Lark, Patrick Zircher, Jorge Lucas, Adam Kubert, Clayton Henry, Aaron Lopresti, Paul Pelletier, Lan Medina, Randy Green, Rob De La Torre, Mike Mayhew, Tim Townsend, Rick Magyar, Scott Hanna, John Dell, Dream Engine, Jesse Delperdang, Danny Miki, Gary Erskine, Don Hillsman II, Mark Farmer, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba, Norm Rapmund, Al Vey, Sandu Florea, John Holdredge, Sean Parsons, Mike Perkins, Stefano Guadiano, Udon’s M3th, Brad Vancata, Drew Hennessy, Dave Meikis, Alejandro “Boy” Sicat, Rob Hunter, and Jimmy Palmiotti.

The mammoth omnibus contains 1,368 pages for a suggested retail price of $125.00.

Check out the standard cover by Coipel and the comic shop variant by Esad Ribic below and be sure to stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your vintage comic news.

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