‘Marvel Horror Lives Again’ Omnibus Visits the Dark Corners of the Marvel Universe

Right in time for Halloween, the Marvel Horror Lives Again Omnibus arrives filled to the brim with scary tricks and treats to satisfy any “Marvel Zombie”.

The Man-Thing sized collection (1,176 pages) collects a horrible host of monster and supernatural tales from a wide variety of comic and black and white Marvel magazines including:  Fear #24, Giant-Size Chillers #1, Haunt of Horror #2, 4-5; The Incredible Hulk #162, 181-182, 272; Legion of Monsters #1, Man-Thing #10-11, Marvel Premiere #27, Marvel Presents #1-2, Marvel Preview #3, 7-8, 12, 16; Marvel Spotlight # 24, Marvel Team-up #80-81, Monsters Unleashed #9, Rampaging Hulk  #1-6, 8; Solo Avengers #5; Strange Tales #73; Tomb of Dracula #10, 67; Tomb of Dracula Magazine #3, 5-6; Vampire Tales #2-4, 8-9, War is Hell #9-15; X-Men #139-140, and X-Men Annual #6.

Writers and artists whose work is featured in the Marvel Horror Lives Again Omnibus include Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman, Steve Gerber, Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Steve Englehart, Len Wein, Bill Mantlo, Gerry Conway, Gary Friedrich, Carla Joseph, Don McGregor, Richard Marschall, Lynn Graeme, Roger McKenzie, Ralph Macchio, Lora Byrne, Dennis Mallonee, John Warner, Roger Stern, Larry Lieber, Tony Isabella, and artists Gene Colan, Rico Rival, Jacki Abel, Yong Motano, Esteban Maroto, Enrique Romero, Pat Broderick, Pablo Marcos, Vicente Alcazar, John Romita, Sr., Mike Netzer, Frank Chiaramonte, Rich Buckler, Carlos Garzon, Klaus Janson, Dan Green, Tom Palmer, P. Craig Russell, Tony DeZunga, Herb Trimpe, Sal Trapani, John Byrne, Terry Austin, Sal Buscema, Bob McLeod, Janice Cohen, Mike Vosburg, Gene Day, Steve Leialoha, Alfredo Alcala, Bill Sienkiewicz, Bob Wiacek, Dick Ayers, Frank Springer, Don Perlin, Dave Hunt, George Evans, Val Mayerik, Bob Brown, Enie Chan, Tom Sutton, Dave Simons, Eric von Krupp, John Ridgway, Pat Boyette, Sonny Trinidad, Rudy Nebres, Rod Santiago, Rudy Mesina, Bill Everett, Mike Manley, Dave Cockrum, Sam Grainger, and Frank Miller.

The Marvel Horror Lives Again Omnibus retails for $125 and comes with two different covers to choose from by Inhyuk Lee and a classic cover by John Romita Sr.

Check out the covers below (and the retro back cover as well) and look for the Spooky Omnibus in stores on October 20.

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