Jack Nicholson’s Screen-Used ‘The Shining’ Axe Goes to Auction

Fans of The Shining with enough cash to get an invite to the Overlook’s Gold Room can now bid on Jack Torrance’s (and Delbert Grady’s) very own axe!

The axe used by Jack Nicholson in the film is currently up for auction through Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction house and currently sits at $60,000, with an end date of April 28. The axe comes with a certificate of authenticity and a letter from NORANK Engineering, Engineers to the Film, Television and Entertainment Industry, dated June 8, 1989, which certifies its use in the Stanley Kubrick film. The axe also comes displayed in a shadow box frame with images from The Shining.

Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auctions believes that the axe currently on auction is made of foam and is one of a reported four Shining axes still in existence. A similar foam axe used in the production sold for $57,600 in 2021, while a wooden axe went for $211,000 in 2019, according to Forbes

Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auctions is a premier auction house that dabbles in all manner of collectibles, with a focus on Rock and Roll memorabilia. Some of their previous items sold include: Elvis Presley’s Owned and Stage Played 1942 Martin D-18 Sun Sessions Guitar (also known as the guitar that started Rock and Roll) for $1,320,000, John Lennon’s Sgt. Pepper’s personally owned and used piano from his Kenwood and Tittenhurst Park Homes for $725,000, and Duane Allman’s owned and extensively played 1957 Goldtop Gibson “Layla” Les Paul Guitar for $1,050,000.

Check out the infamous axe below and we hope your credit is close to the “gold standard”.

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