Doctor Strange Fights ‘The Reality War’ in New Epic Collection

As evidenced by all of the hype surrounding his upcoming film, Doctor Strange sometimes has trouble dealing with reality.

Long before the MCU became a reality, Roger Stern and Chris Claremont turned in some trippy stories about the good doctor which are collected in the latest Doctor Strange Epic Collection: The Reality War.

Doctor Strange: The Reality War picks up after January’s Alone Against Eternity Epic Collection and collects Doctor Strange #29-51, The Man-Thing #4, and excerpts from Chamber of Chills #3-4 and The Defenders #53.

Stern and Claremont are joined by fellow writers Don McGregor, Ralph Macchio, Bill Kunkel, David Michelinie, and David Anthony Kraft with art by a universe of top talent such as Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villamonte, Alan Kupperberg, Gene Colan, Kerry Gammill, Marshall Rogers, Don Perlin, Dave Cockrum, Keith Giffen, Mike Golden, Ernie Chan, Rudy Nebres, Pablo Marcos, Dan Green, Walt Simonson, Al Milgrom, Wendy Pini, Frank Giacoia, Joe Rubinstein, Bob Wiacek, P. Craig Russell, and Terry Austin.

The 504 pages of stories feature some disturbing villains such as Nightmare, D’Spayre, the Dream Weaver, Baron Mordo, the Shadowqueen, and N’Garai among others. Strange is assisted by the ever-popular Clea and Defendesr pals Nighthawk and Namor, the Avengers, and Dane Whitman, the Black Knight.

Doctor Strange: The Reality War retails for $44.99 and will be available at your local comic shop on February 23.

Check out the cover by Keith Pollard below and keep it locked on Conskipper for all of your classic comic news.

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