‘DC Comics: Who’s Who’ Omnibus Volume 2 Completes Encyclopedia Series

The second volume of DC Comics: Who’s Who Omnibus completes the popular encyclopedia series with the second, updated series from 1990, as well as the Whos Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes series and the Who’s Who in the DCU Update 1993.

While the original Who’s Who series was released in a standard comic book format beginning in 1985, the second series was an over-sized version (8.5″ x 11″), with loose-leaf pages made for 3-ring binders.

The second series also opted for single covers by some of the best artists of the era such as Brian Bolland, George Perez, Arthur Adams, Mike Mignola, Ty Templeton, Jim Aparo, Raine Szramski, Joe Staton, Bob Smith, Ken Hooper, Bob Dvorak, and John Kalisz, in lieu of the interlocking “running characters” covers of the original.

The Omnibus also contains an introduction by comic historian Michael Eury.

Volume Two consists of 1,216 pages with a suggested retail price of $150.00 and is currently available at your favorite comic shop.

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