‘DC Comics: The Who’s Who Omnibus Vol. I’ Coming in April 2021

According to a recent solicitation by DC Comics book distributor, Penguin Random House, a hard cover omnibus edition of Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe will coming your way in April of 2021.

Those who collected comics in the 1980’s will certainly remember this series for the George Perez interlocking covers and the wealth of information that the single comics (arranged alphabetically) provided about each character or team. The original comic series ran from 1985 through the early 1990’s and followed the success of Marvel’s Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, which began publication in 1982.

The interior pages featured Illustrations by a “who’s who” of DC artists, ranging from those artists who created the company in the Golden Age of comics, and those young “whipper-snappers” from the 80s and 90s.

The Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Omnibus will collect issues #1-26 of the original series (1985), the Who’s Who Update 1987 #1-5 (1987), Who’s Who Update 1988 #1-4 (1988), plus material from Action Comics Annual #2 (1987), Batman Annual #13, Blackhawk Annual #1 (1989), Detective Comics Annual #2 (1988), Dr. Fate Annual #1 (1989), Green Arrow Annual #2, Justice League Annual #3 (1987), Secret Origins Annual #3, Swamp Thing Annual #5, The Flash Annual #3 (1987 series), The New Titans Annual #5 (1995), The Question Annual #2 (1988), and Wonder Woman Annual #2 (1988).

The 1,328-page hardcover currently retails for $150 before any online retailer or advance order discounts offered by web-based comic shops. The collection is not currently available for pre-orders.

Check out one of the original Perez covers below and come back to Conskipper for more comic nostalgia, as well as current updates.

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