Captain America Gets a ‘Fighting Chance’ in New Epic Collection

The latest Captain America Epic Collection collects some of the last issues of Mark Gruenwald’s ten-year run on the Star-Spangled Avenger, along with some rarities from the early nineties.

The bulk of the Fighting Chance Epic Collection contains Captain America #420-430 by Gruenwald and artists Rik Levins, M.C. Wyman, Danny Bulanadi, Phil Gosier, Charles Barnett III, and Dave Hoover, as Cap battles the Blazing Skull and Doctor Faustus, just as Steve Rogers learns that his powers are failing him.

Captain America #430 doesn’t end the twelve part, year-long “Fighting Chance” storyline (#430 is actually only part six), so look for another Epic Collection in the future that wraps ups the story and Gruenwald’s lengthy run.

Along with the monthly Captain America stories (and the crossover issues in Nomad #18-19) featured in the collection, Fighting Chance also gives readers three stand-alone Cap stories from the same ear in the form of Captain America Annual #13 (a flashback heavy Red Skull battle by Roy Thomas, Arvell Jones, David and Dan Day, Ron Marz, Levins, andRicardo Villagran), Captain America: Medusa Effect (another Thomas story with art by Wyman, Rich Buckler, Jim Sanders III, and Andrew Pepoy involving Baron Zemo’s new Medusa Canon and Master Man), and Captain America/Nick Fury: Blood Truce (a prestige format one shot from 1995 written by Howard Chaykin and Ben Schwartz with art by Andrew Currie and Tom Palmer).

The Captain America: Fighting Chance Epic Collection consists of 496 pages for a suggested retail price of $44.99.

Check out the cover by Hoover below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your vintage comic news.

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