‘X-Men: Dissolution and Rebirth’ Epic Collection Includes First Gambit Appearance

The second printing of the X-Men: Dissolution and Rebirth Epic Collection makes a quick return to comic stores shelves in September, and contains the first appearance of Gambit and a new look and powers for Psylocke.

Dissolution and Rebirth captures Uncanny X-Men issues #248-267 from 1989 and 1990, all written by master X-Men scribe Chris Claremont.

The collection is also notable for the artwork of course, highlighting some of the first X-Men work by Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri. Other artists represented include: Rick Leonardi, Kieron Dwyer, Bill Jaaska, Mike Collins, Whilce Portacio, Dan Green, Steve Leialoha, Kent Williams, Scott Williams, and Joe Rubinstein. 

Other notable moments in Dissolution and Rebirth feature battles against the Reavers, the Mandarin, Freedom Force, Nanny and the Orphan Maker, and Masque, just as Banshee and Forge create a new, novice team to find the missing X-Men.

X-Men: Dissolution and Rebirth Epic Collection will be in stores on September 7 and contains 488 pages for a suggested retail price of $44.99.

Check out Lee’s cover below and keep returning to Conskipper for all things classic X-Men.

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