Unboxing ‘Catwoman’ 80th Anniversary Exclusive Comic Book Covers by J. Scott Campbell & Sabine Rich

The Catwoman 80th anniversary exclusive comic books by J. Scott Campbell and Sabine Rich are starting to arrive at collectors’ doorsteps, and we here at Conskipper couldn’t help but pick up a set to display in our office! We’ve put together an unboxing pictorial for fans who missed out on snagging a set, so folks at home could witness every last detail that comes with unpacking one of these impressive packages of books!

Each shipping container contains a form-fitting box that can hold a full set of 8 books. The books are wrapped in plastic, and that is covered by an oversized bubble bag.

Each copy is printed in prestige format with a square back binding to accommodate the 96 pages of story inside.

Featuring exclusive cover artwork by J. Scott Campbell and vibrant colors by Sabine Rich, each and every book is bold and beautiful. The series covers many major iterations of Catwoman’s iconic costumes, including ones inspired by Jim Balent, Darwyne Cooke, and Bruce Timm. We love all of them, but the cover inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s costume in Batman Returns is especially awesome!

The signed copies of these books come with a jscottcampbell.com “true exclusive” numbered certificate of authenticity to certify Campbell’s autograph. Each certificate features matching artwork with its corresponding comic cover. Complete sets of these signed books contain matching numbers on all eight certificates of authenticity.

These sets were originally available on J. Scott Campbell’s website, and some of the single covers still remain. Stay tuned to Conskipper for complete coverage of all things Catwoman and J. Scott Campbell as soon as it breaks!

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