Spawn Classic Remastered Masterworks Figure by McFarlane Toys: The Conskipper Review

After accumulating over 23,000 backers and raising nearly 3.5 million dollars in 2020, the Spawn Classic Remastered Masterworks figures by McFarlane Toys are making their way into the hands of eager collectors. The figures offer all of the add ons and luxuries Todd McFarlane promised throughout the timeline of this project, and offer little room for improvement.

McFarlane Toys, opted not to skimp on the packaging for these premium figures by shipping everything in thick, double-ply cardboard. The trilogy 3-pack comes in another double-ply outer box with plastic corners on the two outside facing boxes. Such quality attention to detail for shipping materials means most packages will arrive in mint condition. My set came with a creased corner on one of the figures, but there isn’t much else McFarlane Toys could have done to prevent any dings and dents in transit.

The inner boxes are a thing of beauty. Each box has its own color-coded outer sleeve, and the inner box has a pull ribbon that’s the same color as each specific figure. The variants are red for the original, green for the modern version, and gray for the black and white figure. Foil enhancement is added to the bottom logo on the front of the outer sleeve, and the side features a giant Spawn logo in colored foil. They look great!

Inside each box is a soft foam cutout with all of the Kickstarter bonuses, and the figure housed in a clamshell case. The clear plastic clamshell is roughly the same dimensions as the original figures, but it is scaled to a much larger size. The nice thing about these cases, however, is that they open and close with snaps on the back so fans don’t have to choose whether to keep their figures in the book or to open them. I wish McFarlane Toys took this concept one step further and secured the figures to the clear plastic inside the clamshells with twist ties that could be undone and put back again instead of the ones they used which need to be cut in order to take the figure out of the packaging. That subtle tweak would have pushed the “take it out AND keep it in the case” concept a step further. The comic books are secured in a rough plastic holder in the back of the box (and some of mine had some chipping along the edges). Each cover is different, with new Todd McFarlane artwork, and the logos have the same matching foil cover as the outside box.

The figures and all of the pieces look fantastic. The autographed plaque is nice and sharp and it fits right in with the art design of this set. Everything is painted up with an eye for detail with sharp lines and solid blending where needed. The figures have a level of detail, articulation, and artistry that really take this figure leagues beyond the original on which it is based.

Each figure has its own special details which makes it stand out, and I have a difficult time deciding which one I like best. The black and white version seemed the least interesting to me when the options were announced, but I really like how this one came together.

All in all, Todd McFarlane delivered on his promise with this initial entry into the Masterworks line. These figures feel like premium items that fans will be happy to display in their collections, and it’s enough to make any Spawn fan eager to know what will come next in this ambitious line.

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