The Original ‘She-Hulk’ Series to be Collected in ‘Savage She-Hulk’ Omnibus this April

With Disney+’s upcoming She-Hulk series on the way, now has never been a better time to collect the original adventures of the Jade Giantess in one gamma-infused Omnibus!

The Savage She-Hulk Omnibus collects the original 25 issue series that started in 1980 in a debut issue by Stan Lee and John Buscema. After the inaugural issue, writing duties would be handed off to David Anthony Kraft for the remainder of the series, along with artist Mike Vosburg (and a variety of inkers) who also stuck around for the entire run.

The 648 page omnibus also contains Shulkie’s first appearance outside of her own book in Marvel Two-in-One #88 (also penned by Kraft with art by Alan Kupperberg and frequent Vosburg inker, Chic Stone).

Guest stars in the collection include: Iron-Man, Man-Thing, Hellcat, and Man-Wolf, as well as some “unique” villains such as Elephant-Man, The Grappler, Shade, Radius, and Seeker.

Look for the omnibus in stores on April 20 with a retail price of $100. You can also check out the classic issue one cover by Buscema and a Frank Cho variant below.

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