‘RetroFan’ #17: The Conskipper Review

As is the case with most magazines that publish an issue during October, at least a passing amount of material is dedicated to Halloween-related topics. This month’s issue of RetroFan is no exception, following the same tradition established in their second issue of publication.

This year’s issue (which is actually the November issue, although it is currently available in comic shops, book stores, and online in October) contains another healthy does of nostalgia from a number of different decades, with topics that will certainly interest long-time fans of monsters and horror films and television.

The cover of issue #17 boasts an exclusive interview with Dark Shadows‘ Angelique, Lara Parker, and an extensive article by Rick Goldschmidt on Rankin-Bass’ Mad Monster Party, but the real lure this issue for all of those “Monster Kids” out there are the two articles about Aurora Monster model kits. The first of the two features is Rod Labbe’s reminiscence about the monster model kits of his youth, which anyone who grew up seeing the beautiful boxes and iconic models based on the Universal Monster gallery will relate to (and make them go searching for any finished, unfinished, or broken models that they may have in their attics). The second piece by Will Murray delves into the work on the aforementioned boxes by painter James Bama. It is these type of articles that can’t be found elsewhere that make this issue, and RetroFan magazine in general, a true original.

Additional pieces concerning the legacy of the original The Haunting, the phenomenon of “Jawsmania”, and Andy Mangels’ comparison of two monster-themed television shows from the late 1970s and early 1980s, The Monster Squad and the Drak Pack, round out the Halloween-related features. There are also plenty of other articles for nostalgic adults such as ones about George of the Jungle and TV Dads of the Sixties, but the stars of the show are certainly those for the monster fans.

RetroFan #17 is currently available in finer comic book shops, book stores, and online through TwoMorrows Publishing.

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