Peter Milligan and Michael Allred Return to the World of ‘X-Statix’ with New ‘X-Cellent’ Series in February

Peter Milligan and Michael Allred’s return to the quirkiest set of mutants in all of the Marvel Universe will come too fruition in February when the long awaited X-Statix spin-off, The X-Cellent arrives.

The new series promises the return of the original mutant celebrity team plus a new rival team that “…live harder, love harder, fight harder and die a whole lot harder than those has-beens!”

When Milligan looks back on the previous series, he states that “It really caught the zeitgeist – apt seeing as one of the main characters is called Zeitgeist – and remains just as relevant.  I also think that Mike and I make a good team.  We both have strengths.  He has a certain comic book sensibility that plays perfectly with my mix of social humor combined with feelings of alienation and angst.”

Allred says that the new X-Cellent series “…builds on what we did with X-Statix” and that “The future is looking brighter for 2022 as we get to show the world how we’ve been playing with our X-Statix Marvel mutants and their new adversaries, The X-Cellent!” 

Check out the The X-Cellent #1 cover by Michael and Laura Allred (is that an evil Doop we see?) below and look for the first issue in stores in February.

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