J.M. DeMatteis Returns to Kraven in ‘Kraven: The Lost Hunt’ Mini-Series 

 J.M. DeMatteis revisits the character that he reimagined in his seminal “Kraven’s Last Hunt” story this November in Kraven: The Lost Hunt, which will tell the true origins of Sergei Kravinoff.

Eder Messias will provide art for the five-issue mini-series, which chronologically takes place in the era (1995) when Peter Parker lost his powers, moved to Portland, Oregon with Mary Jane, and saw Ben Reilly take over his web-swinging duties in NYC as the Scarlet Spider.

The Lost Hunt begins as the couple adjusts to their new domestic life, only to be greeted by a man from Kraven’s past with a lot of questions.

This is DeMatteis’ second return to his previous work this year after the launch of the Ben Reilly: Spider-Man series that takes place in the same era as The Lost Hunt.

Look for the first issue at your local comic shop in November, and check out Ryan Brown’s cover below.

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