‘Fantastic Four by John Byrne’ Omnibus Vol. 2 Back on Shelves after Ten Years

The bookend to John Byrne’s Fantastic Four run is back at your favorite comic book store in January after a ten year hiatus with a reprinted Omnibus edition of Volume 2.

The new printing picks up right where Volume 1 left off with Fantastic Four #261-295 and Fantastic Four Annual #18-19.

Other non-FF comics included in the addition consists of Byrne’s crossovers in Alpha Flight #4, The Thing #7,10, and 19, and Avengers Annual #14, as well as material from Secret Wars II #2, What If #36, What The –?! #2 and 10, Fantastic Four Roast (1982), and Fantastic Four Special Edition (1984).

As an added bonus, the Omnibus once again includes the rare The Last Galactus Story that was originally anthologized in Epic Illustrated #26-34.

In addition to Mr. Byrne, other Marvel talent such as Mark Gruenwald, Roger Stern, Kerry Gammill, Mark Bright, Jerry Ordway, Hilary Barta, Mike Gustovich, Al Gordon, Joe Sinnott, Kyle Baker, Terry Austin, P. Craig Russell, Bob Wiacek, and Ron Wilson are represented in the Omnibus.

Highlights in the culmination of Byrne’s run include: She-Hulk replacing the Thing, Sue Richards becoming the Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic being tried for crimes against the universe, and battles against Dr. Doom, the Mole Man, Dr. Octopus, Terminus, the Beyonder, Mephisto, Psycho-Man, and Annihilus!

The 1,224 page Omnibus retails for $125.00 and is available with two different Byrne covers (the bottom one if the direct market cover).

Check out both covers below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your vintage comic news.

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